milwaukee it consulting, david hearn

Here's Just a Few Services Provided

With over 20 years of experience across multiple disciplines in IT and networking, telecommunications systems and electronics design and manufacturing, I am able to provide you with a broad range of experience and abilities to ensure the successful completion of your next technology project. If I can assist you in creating a better-than-expected experience for you and your customers, please contact me.

Information Technology Consulting | System Administration

  • VMware server virtualization and support
  • System administration services for Linux, Unix and Windows environments
  • Redundant, always-on server and backup systems
  • Site-to-site and server-to-server backup script systems
  • Interfacing and integration of dissimilar operation systems and environments
    (for example, supporting Windows shares on Linux Samba server
  • or interfacing application output from your customer's system into yours)
  • LDAP authentication systems for any environment
  • MySQL and MS SQL database design, administration and replication
  • SMTP and Web services

Network Engineering

  • Cisco routing and networking systems
  • Network security and firewall design
  • Multi-site and remote office/user WAN and VPN design
  • Domain name registration and Internet presence
  • DNS design (simple and multi-view)
  • Multi-homed, ultra reliable BGP network registration and design
  • Wireless access systems

Programming and Application Development

  • SQL-driven Web applications written in 'C', PHP and other languages
  • VB and C# .NET applications
  • Data translation applications to interface dissimilar systems
  • HL7 applications
  • OCR, ICR and barcode generation and processing applications
  • Automated backup system coding
  • Alarm and watchdog script development

Telecommunications and Electronic Systems Engineering

  • Telecommunications systems planning and design
  • Asterisk open source system design and support
  • VoIP/SIP services and configuration
  • Branch office configuration and integration
  • T1/ISDN PRI circuit configuration and integration
  • Upgrades and replacements to existing systems
  • Call processing systems and support
  • Electronic messaging and fax systems
  • Text messaging (SMS) systems