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IT Consultant David E. Hearn

I am an Information Technologies / IT Consultant, Network Security Engineer, Programmer and Telecommunications Systems Engineer located in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. With my involvement in IT and telecommunications since the mid-1980s in a number of roles, I've been able to accumulate and use a diverse experience portfolio and bring a wide variety of electronic messaging, document processing, network engineering and telecommunications projects to successful turn-up and completion.


Approaching technology projects with a "jack of all trades" skillset, I enjoy planning and managing multiple phases of a project, all the while bearing in mind the effect of each piece on the whole. In addition to higher level project management and planning, I bring data and communications translation and interface skills to the table, finding creative ways to get dissimilar systems to talk to each other - whether it's an application data connection, or an electrical one.


My top focuses for any project are reliability and repeatability. I've had the pleasure or participating in numerous mission critical system deployments to provide bullet-proof, "always on" application services. I bring broad, intuitive experience to the development of, for example, custom monitoring tools to generate awareness of system failures of all types, or the troubleshooting of issues in software/hardware systems at any level.

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