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Southeast Wisconsin Railroad Audio Stream Page

Links to the streams are at the bottom of this page.
A list of the frequencies monitored at this site can be found here.

What we're here for

This site receives traffic on the Canadian Pacific (CP), Union Pacific (UP), Canadian National (CN) and the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad (WSOR) around the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

Where we are

The receiver is located near the 94/894/US-45 Zoo Interchange in Milwaukee County with an antenna height of about 30 feet.

What we use to do it

We use Motorola Spectra radios as receivers, and a DPD Productions Traintenna at this site. The audio streams are served from a Linux machine running the SHOUTcast DNAS2 server, and audio is supplied by the Winamp SHOUTcast DSP plug-in.

What we usually hear

Depending on conditions, we receive CP traffic from as far south as tower B-17 in Bensenville, IL and the CP Elgin sub. Dispatch traffic from Somers, WI, and the MP 56.7 and MP 72.7 defect detectors can always be copied. Towards the west past Milwaukee, we usually hear tne 108.2 detector, and always copy the Ixonia, WI, and often the Watertown or Doylestown, WI towers.

UP engines can be heard from Bain (west-central Kenosha), as well as Kenosha Metra dispatches on the Kenosha sub. The defect detectors at MP 63.2 and MP 80.4 on the Milwaukee sub, and the MP 100.2 detector on the lakeshore sub can reliably copied.

CN traffic along the Waukesha sub is heard, with occasional dispatches from North Fond du Lac. The defect detector south of Waukesha at MP 94.0 is heard reliably, through usually in the weeds due to its low power and low location.

WSOR traffic from the Menomonee valley and Glendale yard as well as dispatches throughout the WSOR system from Iron Mountain through North Milwaukee and Janesville, WI are typical. WSOR also uses the CN Waukesha sub between Grand Avenue and Ackerville to travel between its northern and southern regions, where we hear dispathes and releases as the WSOR enters and leaves the CN.

The Railroad Audio Streams

Click below on a stream that is appropriate for your system:

Train Name Track Status
Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Stream 1 Now boarding
Winamp PlayerWinamp Stream 2 Now boarding
Real Networks PlayerRealPlayer Stream 3 Now boarding

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